About ‘She Ain’t Heavy, She’s Reaching into Space’

In She Ain’t Heavy, She’s Reaching Into Space, Faye and Kai perform discussion and discuss performance using a format they created within the last 6 months. The format requires that they discuss what to perform, perform it, then debrief it after. This brings focus to the integral role of discussion in collaborative performance-making. They debate, agree with, and wait for each other’s feelings and thoughts. Are their arguments compositionally interesting enough to be considered a performance in themselves? Is their decision-making process vulnerable or guarded? How real can their discussion be when it is staged? 

Come witness Faye and Kai becoming premier self-referential dancer-discussers as they reveal their creative process and blur the line between studio and stage, rehearsal and performance, process and result.

Interested in catching the performance? Deepen your experience and have some fun by registering a workshop by Faye and Kai – Duets Do-It on 17 July 2016!

Cost: $10

If you’re buying tickets to the performance, let us know and you’ll get a $5 discount for the workshop!