She Ain’t Heavy, She’s Reaching Into Space: Curtain Call

The presentation of She Ain’t Heavy, She’s Reaching Into Space, conceived and performed by Eng Kai Er and Faye Lim, ended successfully last week! We would like to thank everyone who came down to show your support!

Unconventional and irreverent, Faye and Kai perform discussion and discuss performance using a format they created within the last 6 months. The format requires that they discuss what to perform, perform it, then debrief it after. This brings focus to the integral role of discussion in collaborative performance-making.

We caught up with some of our audience members after the performance to find out more about their thoughts on the performance!

“The discussions were very fresh and different. I enjoyed feeling like I’m part of an ongoing process and not a ‘finished’ product”. – Dawn Teo

“Yes, the different layers really gave me a new perspective and shows interesting ideas”. –  Charmaine Chong

“It unmasked many performance conventions, something no often seen here in Singapore”. – Egan Chan

On 17 July, we also held the “Duets Do-it” workshop hosted by Kai and Faye. Under the guidance of Faye and Kai, the participants were led onto a journey in discovering the potential of physical contact as both a communication and miscommunication tool with their partners. The bunch seemed like they had a blast, so we’ll let the photos do the talking!

“It (The Workshop) really made me realize that Dance is more of a free-flow than techniques”.  – Gurmohini Valsia,

“I really liked the structure of ‘Show & Tell’ and how the instinctive element suited the nature of contact improvisation. Also, the deliberate supply of performers allowed to better understand my body”. – Nidiya Shantiyim Manikara, LASALLE lecturer

“I really enjoy the dance part of the workshop, as we are just prompted to dance without much instruction”. – Nur Shahirah, Student

Thank You to everyone for making She Ain’t Heavy, She’s Reaching Into Space a success! Your feedback and response means a lot to us and the artists. If you have any other comments or feedback, do feel free to express them in the comments section below or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We look forward to seeing you again at our upcoming events. Don’t forget to stay connected with us!

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