Looking back at the ‘Open Rehearsal’

Back in April, Faye and Kai had an Open Rehearsal – which was a work in progress showcase as they developed their duet performance ‘She Ain’t Heavy, She’s Reaching into Space‘.


Now, as we’re nearing the performance, let’s take a look back towards the Open Rehearsal!

“The artist were very beautiful, I thought there were so many beautiful moments created in the moment and I really enjoyed myself”. – Denise Lim, Audience on 30 April 2016

1) You (sort of) had a work in progress for this performance back in April. And I say sort of, as I’m wondering; how much has the ideas/performance change since then?

The performance has changed a lot! In April, we presented two different drafts, one on each day of the work-in-progress showings. That was a result of having different ideas about what the show could be, and wanting to try them out. One of the drafts was more dance-theatrical in nature, and the other one was an experimental format of performance, mixing discussing with dancing. After April, we attempted to consolidate our experiences. The current performance reflects an ambition to conceptually combine the two April performances into one.


2) Were the feedback you received from the audience what you had expected? Was there any that stood out in particular?

Kai: One comment on risk-taking stood out for me. The comment was that when we, as performers, did some movements that looked potentially painful, it felt like we were taking risks; whereas when we set up a discussion about our dancing, it seemed less risk-taking. I remember Faye responding that actually, when we set up the discussion it’s more risky because we don’t know for sure where the discussion will go, so it feels riskier to perform. I remember thinking that the potentially painful movement was very safe to do – it was designed to look risky to audience, but it didn’t feel risky to perform.

Faye: Yes, and the range of feedback was interesting to me. The discussion was rather lively because the audience did not agree on what they felt and what they perceived of the performance. What I did not expect was the conviction with which some of the audience members shared their feelings and thoughts. I enjoyed that very much.

“The Open Rehearsal was interesting. I enjoyed hearing the different perspectives and am looking forward to seeing how the artists will process these responses in their performance”. – Felicia Lim, Audience on 29 April 2016

3) Was there an aim for the work in progress, and did you manage to achieve it?

We simply wanted to perform completely different drafts in April and see how we felt about each draft after performing them. There was no concrete plan. Instead, we were open to any feedback and insights we would get from performing both. Consistent with this, we learned many things through the April showings, both from audiences and from our own lived experiences of performing. For example, Kai was at first skeptical about discussion-as-performance, but in April she found some nuances and details that caused her to really enjoy performing as a discusser. After the April work-in-progress, Faye was keen to practice letting more authentic feelings and thoughts come through in the performance of discussion. 


4) You have a workshop coming up on 17 July 2016 – could you give us a hint of what the participants can expect? 

You know how people like playing Sudoku, Mensa puzzles, and the like? The workshop has puzzles too for the participants to solve, but these puzzles are movement-based and to be solved with their partners for the day. We will talk, dance, question and observe. 

Want to join Faye and Kai in workshop? Join them on Sunday, 17 July from 2 to 4.30pm at 72-13!


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