Introducing “She Ain’t Heavy, She’s Reaching into Space”

Welcome to the blog for TheatreWorks’ upcoming programme,

She Ain’t Heavy, She’s Reaching into Space !

In She Ain’t Heavy, She’s Reaching Into Space, Faye and Kai perform discussion and discuss performance using a format they created within the last 6 months. The format requires that they discuss what to perform, perform it, then debrief it after. This brings focus to the integral role of discussion in collaborative performance-making. They debate, agree with, and wait for each other’s feelings and thoughts. Are their arguments compositionally interesting enough to be considered a performance in themselves? Is their decision-making process vulnerable or guarded? How real can their discussion be when it is staged?

Come witness Faye and Kai becoming premier self-referential dancer-discussers as they reveal their creative process and blur the line between studio and stage, rehearsal and performance, process and result.

Dates & Times

28 – 29 July 2016 | 8pm

72-13 Mohammed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007

Follow this blog for behind-the-scenes looks into the production leading up to the performance. Also, get a closer look at our artists and get to know them  better through conversations!

Find out how to book your tickets here now.

See you at the performance!


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